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Don't know which styles are for you?

Visit HERE to see gallery of false eyelash styles.

For beginners, we recommend strip lashes instead of individual lashes. Some shorter, natural looking Ardell, Gypsy, or Andrea lash strip eyelashes styles are Ardell Fashion lashes #108, #109, #110, #126, LashLites Demure, Gypsy #90, Gypsy 91, Red Cherry 747S, Red Cherry 747XS, Andrea Modlash #53 and #21. For a thicker, dramatic look Andrea Modlash 33, Ardell Runway Tyra, Elise 552, and Ardell #101 Demi, 105, and 107 are good choices. The style and color you choose will depend on your personal preference and expectation. It should be one you are comfortable wearing as well as a style that fits your face and makeup. For lash newbies, we recommend trying out a few styles of lashes you think you might like to make sure the look suits you first before buying more.

I personally gone through about 8 styles before settling on Fashion Lashes #110 for daily wear and Runway Daisy (and Fashion Lashes #103) lashes for evening out.

Why the new packaging?

Many of you have already noticed the change of the once familiar original pink packaging (pink insert, pink or white tray) to the new blue, purple, or the newest black packaging. For example Ardell has rebrand Ardell Fashion lashes to the updated black Ardell Natural Lashes and Ardell Professional Natural Lashes packaging. There is no difference in the quality of lashes between the original and the new packaging designs as the lashes in the tray are the exact same lashes. This is true for both strip and individual lashes.

What is the difference between strip and Individual lashes? Which is better for me?

To add fullness to your own natural lashes or to fill gaps (bare spots) along the lashline, we recommend individual lashes. With individual lashes, you can control exactly where to place the lash cluster to achieve the desired length and fullness.

Unlike individual lashes, strip lashes are great for people who have very sparse or short natural lashes. These are also an essential for those who have no natural lashes. For those who wear false eyelashes daily, we recommend strip lashes like Fashion lashes and Modlashes. For special events, give Elegant Eyes, Wild Lashes, or Elise lashes a try for added glam.

Ultimately, it will depend on your personal preference and desired look. It should be one that you will feel comfortable wearing that will go well with your face and makeup style.

Where do I place the individual lash cluster or strip lashes during lash application?

Strip eyelashes, such as Fashion Lashes, InvisiBands, or Modlash, should be applied as close to your natural lashline as possible. Individual lash clusters can be placed on your eyelid (using latex or acrylic (acrylate) based adhesive) or directly on top of your natural lashline for short term or daily wear. Alternatively, place the individual lash cluster or single lash DIRECTLLY ON or UNDER your natural lashes (not on eyelid) as lash extensions. The semi permanent adhesive bonds your natural lashes with the lash cluster or single lash. The best way is to apply them to the outside corners of the eye first and work your way toward your nose.

Which are easier to apply, individual or strip lashes?

Strip lashes tend to be easier to apply for lash novices. Whether you are applying strip or individual lashes, some skills are always needed for beginners. Strip lashes are less time consuming to apply and are great for daily wear. It really helps to use a quality lash adhesive such as DUO Surgical, Sherani, or Everlash Flexibands for all day hold. Occasionally you may need to touch up the inner corner of the strip (make sure the adhesive does not touch the lashes) with additional glue if necessary.

Individual lashes require much steadier hands and skills.

How do I remove strip eyelashes?

Cleaning up after removing the false eyelashes shouldn't be too messy when applied correctly. I would start by changing the order you apply the lashes. You should apply the glue to the false lash strip first and lower the strip to your lash line. This way you can control the amount of glue you put on the strip. You can touch up the strip (make sure the adhesive does not touch the lashes) with additional glue if necessary. When the adhesive is dried, then apply liquid liner last. When you apply the lashes this way, when removing the strip at the end of the day, there shouldn't be too much mess or dried adhesive on the strip. You can pick off (pinch off) any remaining dried adhesive on the strip with your finger. Finish up the cleaning with a few strokes of Ardell Lash Comb through the lashes to remove any dry glue residual.

How do I clean my strip lashes so that I can reuse them?

Strip eyelashes can be cleaned with any non-oily eye-makeup remover. You can pick off (pinch off) any remaining dried adhesive on the strip with your fingers or tweezers. Finish up the cleaning with a few strokes of Ardell Lash Comb through the lashes to remove any dry glue residual.

Does Ardell or Andrea lashes come with a pre-glued band? If not, does each package of lashes come with a tube of adhesive?

No. Ardell and Andrea lashes do not come with pre-glued strip (band) nor does it come with a lash adhesive. You'll have to buy the adhesive separately. Skip those low quality, grade *cheap glues* from Asia; they can contain skin/eye-irritating ingredients. We recommend the following strip and individual lash adhesives for your false lashes: LashGrip (waterproof), DUO Eyelash (waterproof), DUO Surgical (Surgical Grade, Gentle), Modlash Adhesive (similar to LashGrip), Everlash FlexiBands (Medical Grade), LashTite Adhesive (for individual lashes, daily wear), Permalash Adhesive (similar to LashTite), and Everlash Individual Adhesive (Medical Grade, for individual lashes)..

Can I use a lash curler on my falsies?

Using an eyelash curler can create a more dramatic look. Be sure to curl your natural lashes first, before you apply the lashes. Be careful when using an eyelash curler. If you prefer to curl them after applying false lashes, make sure to curl the lashes gently when the adhesive is completely dry or else you might pull the false eyelashes out and ruin all your hard work. If your lashes are naturally curled, then I would leave your natural lashes alone.

Can I wear mascara with my false eyelashes?

You can use mascara to enhance the look of your false eyelashes. Make sure to apply the mascara and eyeliner only AFTER the false eyelashes are secure and the eyelash adhesive is completely dry. To apply, coat your falsies with only one layer of OIL FREE mascara. The mascara will act as a second-glue and reinforce the hold of your falsies to your real lashes.

As a regular mascara alternative, we recommend ARDEL LashMagic (Blending Mascara). LashMagic is formulated specifically to blend natural lashes into false ones making them virtually undetectable giving a more natural look. The LashMagic is designed to coat each lash in just ONE stroke so there is no heavy build up. And what is more, the formula is water soluble and can be easily removed without ruining a perfect pair of Ardell or Andrea false eyelashes.

I am allergic to latex. Which strip adhesive can I use?

Many strip lash users with latex sensitivities or allergy routinely use individual lash adhesives to hold their strip lashes. Latex adhesive includes: LashGrip, DUO Eyelash Adhesive, Modlash, and DUO Surgical Adhesive. If you are not already using DUO Surgical Adhesive, you can give that a try since it is milder than LashGrip and Modlash glue. If DUO Surgical adhesive does not do the trick, we would recommend latex-free acrylate based adhesives such as Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive, DUO Brush On Adhesive, and Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive.

Even though these acrylate based adhesives do not contain rubber latex, they may contain other ingredients that you may be allergic to. Just to make sure, apply a spot of the adhesive on your forearm for a few hours to see if you develop any itch, irritation or any discomfort.

Will wearing false eyelashes harm my natural eyelashes?

No if proper application and removal technique is followed. It is imperative to make sure you are not allergic to the lash adhesive (we always recommend spot test on the waist to see if you are allergic to any of the lash glue ingredient. We offer latex free and self-adhesive false lashes. Make sure correct application and lash removal technique is followed.

Can I wear false lashes if I wear contacts?

Absoluately. You can wear them both at the same time. Put the contacts on first and then put the false lashes on.


What is the difference between knotted and knot-free individual lashes?

There are different benefits to both.

Ardell Duralash and Andrea Permalash areavailable in knotted (FLARE) and knot-free (NATURALS). Knotted lash clusters have a knot joining the lashes. These lashes offer a better hold than Naturals (knot-free) lashes since the knots provide more surface area for the glue to stick. Knotted lashes are also easier to apply.

Duralash Naturals (knot-free), Andrea Naturals, and Gypsy Flare (knot free) do not have any knots so they do not hold as well as their knotted counterparts. However, Naturals provides a more natural appearance. It definitely blends in with your natural lashes much better.

Individual or strip lashes, which should I choose?

Please refer to Strip Eyelash Question 1

How to Choose the Right Individual Lashes?

Refer to the chart below

Individual single:

  • - Made to look like a thicker and longer version of your own natural lashes.
  • - 7-8 hairs per knot

Best uses: Enhance length, subtly increase lash thickness
Result: Perfect separated lashes

Regular Flare:

  • Use to fill in gaps/sparse areas to achieve natural looking fulness
  • Most popular individual eyelash style
  • 10 hairs per knot

Best uses: Enhance volume, fill in gaps
Result: Natural fuller looking lashes
Tip: Use baby flares (6mm) on bottom lash

Knot-Free Flare:

  • Same as regular flare but without the knot (bulb) at the base
  • Favored by eyelash extension specialists
  • Most natural looking flares
  • Virtually undetectable enhancement
  • 10 hairs per knot
  • Best use: Super natural fullness, fill in gaps
    Results: Naturally fuller looking lashes

    Super Flare:

    • 2x wider than regular flare
    • ultimate fanned out flare
    • 10 hairs per knot

    Best use: Widespread fullness, fill in gaps
    Results: Fanned out and flirty volume

    Double Flare:

  • 2x more dense than regular flare
  • Get twice the drama in half the time
  • Thickest & densest flare lashes on the market
  • 20 hairs per knot
  • Best use: Dramatic volume, noticeable bold fullness
    Results: Sexier, thicker,dramatically fuller-looking lashes

    Do I need to use the individual eyelash adhesive remover?

    To remove your lash extensions properly without damaging your natural lashes, an eyelash remover is highly recommended. Depending on the adhesive you use for your lash application, the remover will vary.
    1. For lashes applied with DUO adhesive, use warm water and gentle soap.
    2. For LashTite and Permalash Adhesive, use Ardell LashFree Remover.
    3. For semi-permanent Everlash Individual lash adhesive, Everlash Adhesive Remover works the best.

    Can I use mascara with my individual lashes?

    Yes, please refer to Strip Eyelash Question 8.

    Can I use an eyelash curler on my false lashes?

    Yes, please refer to Strip Eyelash Question 7.

    Can I use the strip eyelash adhesive on individual lashes?

    Strip lash adhesive can be used for individual lashes. Many individual lash users use DUO strip lash adhesive to apply their individual lashes for daily use. For long-term hold, we recommend semi-permanent individual lash adhesive such as Everlash Individual Adhesive.

    What is the difference between cluster and single individual lashes?

    SIndividual lashes are available in two types:

    1) Single (Duralash Regular, Elise #518)

    Single individual lashes come with a STRIP of 'lash' that is slightly flared.

    2) Clusters (Duralash Flare and Duralash Naturals).

    Cluster lashes come with several 'lashes' joined at one end, usually with a knot (Duralash Flare).

    Can I wear false lashes if I wear contacts?

    Absoluately. You can wear them both at the same time. Put the contacts on first and then put the false lashes on.


    I need help with false eyelash application. Help!

    For additional lash application help and tips, please visit our online forum or how to apply page for a wealth of false eyelashes suggestions and articles.

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