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Madame Madeline offers a wide array of false eyelashes that you would love to use to softly enhance your natural lash line. Not sure which style(s) to choose? Click on the arrows below to see some of the false eyelash lines we carry.

False eyelashes are available in three kinds (strip, individual cluster, and single). Individual lash clusters lashes used by make up artists to increase lash density or to fill in gaps (missing spots of the lashes). Individual single lashes are used to extend length and volume.

For beginners, we recommend strip lashes instead of individual lashes. The style and color you choose will depend on your personal preference and expectation. It should be one you are comfortable wearing as well as a style that fits your face and makeup. For lash newbies, we recommend trying out a few styles of lashes you think you might like to make sure the look suits you first before buying more.

Most beginners will most likely ruin the first few pairs of lashes during practice. Be patient and you will be a pro in no time!

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