Ardell Faux Mink Lashes - Madame Madeline Layered in Luxury NEW #ARDELLFAUXMINK ‼️- Each Faux Mink designer style has been hand-crafted and delicately curled; featuring a Lightweight Invisiband for a seamless look and comfortable wear! Tag your bestie and LAYER your LASHES in LUXURY! Email us which of Ardell Faux Mink lash style you've got your eyes on! Available @madame_madeline_lashes => #YouAreBeautiFaux #FauxMinkLashes
ardell studio effects false lashes at madame madeline discount lashes Ardell Professional Studio Effects Lashes has taken a makeup artist favorite and lash wearer trick, custom stacking, and done the work for the wearer. Provides the ultimate professional look!! Available at Madame Madeline. =>
ARDELL STUDIO EFFECTS WISPIES Make up artist tip: individuals accent strip lash. 4 flared individuals have been placed in the center of the lash band for an eye opening effect.
STUDIO EFFECTS DEMI WISPIES Make up artist tip: flared lashes. 4 flared individuals have been placed at the outer corner of the lash for a dramatic flare
STUDIO EFFECTS 105 Make up artist tip: custom stacking. This already dramatic lash has been doubled to create the ultimate glamourous lash look
STUDIO EFFECTS 110 Make up artist tip: custom layering. This very popular Natural lash has been stacked to open eyes.
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kiss-blooming-false-eyelashes-madame-madeline-for-multi-layer-look! Take your look from simply pretty to strikingly stunning with Blooming Lash Collection by KISS. Blooming lashes's Multi-Angle technology delivers luxurious layers of lashes on a single lash band for ultra-glamourous look. The extra definition provided by the multi-layered lashes throughout adds extra flutter to your eyes. These natural-looking eyelashes blend beautifully with your own for an everyday glam look! #KissBloomingLashes #BloomingLash
Ardell-Hollywood-Glam-Double-Up-Lashes-Madame-Madeline Flaunt your inner Bombshell with these new scene stealing lash styles. Ardell Hollywood Glam Lash Collection features 16 piece display introducing three brand name dramatic Ardell Double Up lash styles and one top and bottom lash. These lashes will make a sexy, eye-opening impact and are very wearable for every bombshell out there! #ArdellHollywoodGlam #ArdellDoubleUp
ardell-press-on-lash-collection-at-madame-madeline-false-lashes Take a moment and imagine yourself putting on your favorite Ardell Lashes in an instant with minimum effort. Ardell's patented Press On Lash features beautiful best selling lashes pre-loaded onto the new easy to use applicator that will curve to the users lash line. Press On Lashes is available in Ardell Self Adhesive Lashes in #101, #105, and Wispies and Ardell Lashes with free adhesive in #109, #110 and #120. #PressOn #ArdellPressOn
The Must-Haves of Lashes and Brows If you're looking for a product to give you WOW brows, than look no further with Ardell new Brow line of product. Ardell Brows come with everything you need to perfect your brows from powdery palettes to create a custom color, to highlighter powder to accentuate brow arches, and highly pigmented, smudge-free brow Pomade to fill-in and set brows all day.. #ArdellBrow ‪#‎Browformation‬ ‪#‎BowToTheBrows‬
ModelRock Madame Madeline Lashes There is a lash to suit everyone for every makeup occasion. Makeup artists are rocking out with MODELROCK Lashes to enhance and accentuate the look desired by their clients. ModelRock offers a world-class line of 100% hair faux lashes designed with the highest quality materials to add everyday glam to any red carpet beauty look! Try out ModelRock Kit Ready Range Lashes for trending setting styles. #ModelRockLashes #KitReadyLashes‬
Miss Adoro False Eyelashes offer iconic lash styles that are comparable to styles by Red Cherry Lashes at fraction the price. Fabulous styles range from day time natural to flirty nightlife glam, Miss Adoro falsies got a style right for every occasion to bring out your fluttering lashes. These pro-quality false lashes are light and made of 100% sterilized human hair, and are completely natural to wear! #MissAdoro #MissAdoroLashes‬
Vegas-nay-falselashes-madamemadeline-lashes Love this beautiful new range of Lashes from Vegas Nay collaborated with Eylure. Currently there are 3 strip lash styles and 1 individual lash style available ranging from light, medium, to full. Eylure lashes have pre-treated, flexible bands, making the lashes easier to apply. These lashes are light and comfortable to wear and have the full glam effect without being heavy and droopy on the eyes. Vegas Nay Lashes come with how-to-apply instructions, and a mini tube of lash glue. They are an essential for professional makeup artist or as everyday beauty must have product! #Vegas_nay #Vegasnaylashes
V-Luxe by I Envy KISS with 100% Virgin Remy Hair Add a touch of elegance to your look with V-Luxe Lashes by Kiss! These ultralight & soft 100% Virgin Remy Hair lashes blend well with your own lashes and feel just like your own. Check out all 10 new styles. #IenvyByKiss #VluxeLashes
Eylure-Brows-madame-madeline-lashes Getting a complete look for brows has been, up till now, a salon offering. However getting this look is easily achieved at home. The new range of brows products from Eylure provides the tools to accomplish the most professional brows possible. #EylureBrow #EylureBrows
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