WebMasters: If you would like to share our high quality products with your clients and increase your income, then our affiliate program is for you. We offer 10% commission on every product sold through your affiliate links. Our Affiliate Program offers you a chance to make money by linking to our website. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM!


What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate is anyone with a website who is willing to promote advertisers (in this case, us) in exchange for commission.

How does your affiliate program work?

First, sign up with our affiliate program. You must then place a text description or banner (CLICK HERE FOR OUR SITE DESCRIPTION AND BANNER HTML CODE) with an affiliate code to link to our website to generate affiliate sales. This can be done by simply using the following affiliate code to link to our website:

Note: You must replace XXXX with your Affiliate ID that you chose during signed up.

Whenever a visitor clicks on the text link or the banner, they will be redirected to our site**. You will earn commission on every purchase they make. We will handle all the ordering, billing processes, packaging, and shipping. Once setup, just sit back and collect your commission. Our program will pay you 10% commission on every sale referred from your site, in addition to providing your users with access to our great products. **An affiliate "cookie" (good for 30 days) will be sent to their browser that will automatically give you credit for the referral if they make a purchase from our site within 30 days.

When/How will I receive my commission?

You will start earning commission following your first affiliate generated sale. Once your total sales has reached a total of $20.00, you will receive payments via Paypal or check (at your request).

How do I track my affiliate sales?

Please login to or simply click on our Affiliates button located on our top navigation bar. Once you logon, you can monitor your affiliate sales through our online administrator page.

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